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Grand Cru Café



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SAECO Aulika Evo est moderne et sociale. Elle représente un pôle d'attraction pour les personnes qui apprécient leur pause-café non seulement comme un moment de détente mais aussi comme une occasion d’échanger avec ses collègues, amis. 


  • One Touch milk
  • High Speed milk
  • Sortie eau chaude
  • Hautes capacités
  • Circuit double
  • Meules coniques en acier
  • Alimentation réseau d'eau (en option)
  • Prédisposition systèmes de paiement

Saeco data fr


SAECO Aulika Evo is modern and social. It is a focus of attraction for people who enjoy their coffee break not only as a moment of relaxation, but also as an opportunity for a relaxed chat and to share their ideas and feelings with colleagues and friends.


  • One Touch milk
  • High Speed milk
  • hot water
  • high capacities
  • double boiler, double pump
  • steel conical blades
  • optional water supply connection
  • compatibility with payment systems

SAeco Aulika Evo TOP Technical Data


SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION +UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification +UNI ISO 45001:2018,Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification + UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and the products are VDE, IMQ, CSA and NSF certified

History of SAECO

In 1985, it was the first company in the world to develop the “bean-to-cup”, a completely automatic and innovative Italian espresso brewing system, from the coffee bean to the cup.

Since then, Saeco has been developing coffee machines that can satisfy the tastes of people with different lifestyles, in and out of the home, in the consumer and professional channels.

The purchase of the Gaggia brand in 1999 strengthened its purpose of providing Italian excellence in the coffee sector.

Since 2009, with the arrival of Philips, Saeco has become a global player able to cover the entire offer of coffee machines. The synergies between Philips and Saeco boosted the development of technologies and new patents.


Those years saw the definition of the “Vending & Professional” Division of the company as an autonomous production unit focused on the out of home sector, able to provide top solutions for the Office, the Ho.Re.Ca. and the vending markets.

In 2017 the Saeco Professional Division becomes part of the N&W Global Vending Group, the world vending leader, which at the end of the same year rebrands as EVOCA Group.

This shall allow the company to become even more prominent in the professional coffee machines world business, with the Saeco and Gaggia brands, recognised icons of the Made in Italy in terms of technology, quality and style.

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